What is ECOBURN?

ECOBURN is a hydrocarbon-based additive combustion inducing agent.
Due to its lubricating properties, it reduces energy losses due to friction, improves overall engine efficiency, and saves fuel.
ECOBURN is safe for use with gasoline, diesel, and all heavy oil fuels.

ECOBURN and Complete Combustion

Due to their composition, incomplete combustion of traditional fuels often results in knocking (especially spark knock). This is believed to be caused by explosions outside of the normal combustion front. Incomplete combustion of the air/fuel mixture can be prevented, thereby completely burning all of the fuel and improving overall engine performance.

Engine Cleaning Effect

Often, the inside of the combustion chamber is coated in sludge (hardened oil and rust residue). ECOBURN’s complete combustion inducing properties remove buildup and prevent it from reforming. It alters the pressure and explosions in the combustion chamber and loosens the sludge. Finally, the gunk is removed and burnt.

Reduction of Exhaust Gas and Notable Effects

For engine and automobile manufacturers, the ECU is not the only option. DPF aftertreatment and utilizing EGR and SCR can also relatively easily reduce emission gas substantially.
ECOBURN’s ability to improve the mechatronics is especially effective in reducing emissions. By removing the gunk from incomplete combustions within the engine, it extracts unburned fuel and can reduce emissions.

ECOBURN Components

ECOBURN video (long version)


A wide variety of sizes is available from small trial sizes to large containers.
Red cap: Gasoline / Gasohol Black cap: Diesel / Biodiesel

Vol. 100mlVol. 170mlVol. 270mlVol. 670ml
Size (cm): 5.5×15Size (cm): 5.5×18.2Size (cm): 5.5×20.8Size (cm): 7.0×29
For 20~40LFor 40~60LFor 60~80LMultiple uses
780 JPY*980 JPY*1280 JPY*2980 JPY*

*These are the retail prices in Japan.
For companies that require large amounts, bulk orders of 20L (1 ton) are also possible.

It’s so easy to use!

Fill up the tank all the way and simply add the appropriate size of ECOBURN for your tank.
For even better results, we recommend continued usage.

ECOBURN can be used in almost any type of engine!


To assemble conclusive data as to the reliability of ECOBURN, it was subjected to the official emissions testing of the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLITT) (JC-08 Mode for gasoline cars and JE-05 Mode for diesel) resulting in high grades for both reliability and objectivity as well as gas emissions.
The tests were conducted using the Meidensha Chassis Dynamometer System, the most reliable in Japan, as well as the internationally acclaimed HORIBA Emission Measurement System. These are the same systems used by the MLITT, automotive engineering organizations, Toyota etc. ECOBURN completed the tests with excellent results.

Drastic improvement in engine performance!

Diesel Truck (Mitsubishi Canter)
Fuel Efficiency: +4.7%
Emission Gas Reduction: PM approx. -15%

Gasoline Automobile (Mazda Roadster NB)
Fuel Efficiency: +11.9%
Emission Gas Reduction: NOx approx. -40%

Diesel Ship
Fuel Efficiency: +7.37%

Gasoline Ship
Fuel Efficiency: +10.7%


[Method of Testing]
※1 Fuel consumption testing: The amount of fuel consumed is compared to the amount added. The Chassis Dynamometer (road driving conditions simulator) is the mandatory international standard for testing the actual emission gas and fuel consumption of automobiles.
※2 Carbon Balance Testing: An Emission Measurement System was used to test emission levels. The levels of carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbon (HC), and carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted through the exhaust system were calculated.
※3 Comparison with Usual Fuel Consumption: Fuel consumption values with and without ECOBURN were compared to calculate the difference.



ECOBURN has been officially recognized as:
ISO9001 (International Quality Management System Standard)
ISO14001 (International Environmental Management Standards)
ECOBURN has also been tested and official approved in numerous other countries.