Case 1: M.A., Office Worker, 24, Osaka, Japan
Mercedes-Benz E240 (2001), 8.9% up
I’ve tried a variety of other additives in the past, but I noticed the change in engine response right away after I put in ECOBURN. I’m surprised how well it works!

Case 2: K.N., Office Worker, 28, Chiba, Japan
Daihatsu Mira E-S (2012), 11.1% up
I was shocked when I put ECOBURN into the company car! To be honest, I didn’t really think it would do any good, but it really works. In my job, I do a lot of highway and long-distance driving, so it really helps.

Case 3: J.N., Office Worker, Tokyo, Japan
Hummer H2 (2004), 11.2% up
I always thought American cars were real gas hogs. lol I like how it works, though. The accelerator feels lighter, and the engine is just better all-around.

Case 4: K.Y., Office Worker, 45, Shizuoka, Japan
BMW 525i (2007), 9.6% up
The thing that surprised me the most was that the engine sounded better. It also didn’t feel so heavy going up-hill. I thought about changing cars, but I changed my mind after trying ECOBURN.

*The above are only personal opinions and may not reflect actual performance.

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