01Automotive business

Overseas export business

Japan Quality to people all over the world

In recent years the demand for Japanese 2nd hand agricultural machinery,heavy machinery and also Japanese used and brand new cars has increased tremendously.
ECOBURN does not only export from Japan but we try to utilize a Third country Trade method where we source better quality cars from other countries and respond to the customers exclusive needs in a better way.
(Ex: From North America to outheast Asia, from Europe to Africa, from the Middle East to Japan etc. …) In addition to the above we have foreign staff from various back grounds in our company who can communicate smoothly and efficiently with the foreign buyers.
We can cater to the needs of most of the buyers from various countries since we have the capability to offer used cars from the live auctions held daily and also offer used cars from our ready stocks.
We are also in a position to source agricultural machinery to heavy machinery from stocks and live auctions.
Since at EB we have our own yard and loading pit we will be able to offer the complete package plus loading and shipping under one roof.

Uesd car Export

Used car auctions boasted by Japan. We update auction information held on a daily basis in real time, respond quickly to all orders with the latest information.
We can solve all sort of problems (ex. Handle…etc) with original global network.

Container pit is complete in our factory that makes container transport can be done consistently in-house.

Uesd agricultural machines • heavy machinery Export

Japanese manufacturer’s Heavy equipment • Agricultural machinery get a high reputation all over the world. We can response various orders like Backhoe loaders, tractors, etc.

ELV business

To make effective use of limited resources

At ECOBURN we dismantle cars and keep spare parts as stocks and sell them to our international and local buyers on a regular basis. Since we have our own facility to park and dismantle the cars and also use our own loading pit to load the spare parts we can offer a speedy and professional efficient low cost service to fit the buyers’ needs.
If your are considering to dispose your un-movable or damaged used cars please feel free to contact us for a speedy service and pick from whatever the location.
We are an experienced and a professional group of companies with the technology and the know how to support all your needs, please free to contact us to buy used cars or a agricultural machines or to load a full container load of spare parts.

Automobile dismantling and recycling

We are disassembling and recycling various vehicles. If you have any problem with un-movable or damaged used cars, we can response to your any requirement.
Also for demolition request for export, our experienced staffs can correspond to any order.

Loading of Automobile and Agricultural machines

We have our own Container pit (40ft*2) in our factory. We can load 5 full-size cars, 6 2t trucks and 10t Truck etc. Even with container loading that other companies cannot do, please contact us first.

EC business

I want to deliver it to domestic customers

Parts that can still be used, born from the repair and recycling of automobiles.
We are operating an EC business with the desire to have customers nationwide reuse such parts.
All used parts are managed in our own warehouse, and all processes such as inspection, repair, photography, etc. are performed by our own staff.
We are waiting for domestic cars, foreign cars, rare parts, and some new products.

02Fuel business

Chemicals business

ECOBURN JAPAN and Complete Combustion

Due to their composition, incomplete combustion of traditional fuels often results in knocking (especially spark knock). This is believed to be caused by explosions outside of the normal combustion front. Incomplete combustion of the air/fuel mixture can be prevented, thereby completely burning all of the fuel and improving overall engine performance.

Engine Cleaning Effect

Often, the inside of the combustion chamber is coated in sludge (hardened oil and rust residue). ECOBURN’s complete combustion inducing properties remove buildup and prevent it from reforming. It alters the pressure and explosions in the combustion chamber and loosens the sludge. Finally, the gunk is removed and burnt.

Reduction of Exhaust Gas and Notable Effects

For engine and automobile manufacturers, the ECU is not the only option. DPF aftertreatment and utilizing EGR and SCR can also relatively easily reduce emission gas substantially.
ECOBURN’s ability to improve the mechatronics is especially effective in reducing emissions. By removing the gunk from incomplete combustions within the engine, it extracts unburned fuel and can reduce emissions.

Procurement and sales of biomass fuel

Indonesia is considered as the largest biomass energy source in the world. Potential of biomass energy source is up to 35,6 GW that consist of 54.52% paddy field agriculture waste, 9.7% corn waste, 6.45% cassava waste, 2.29% palm oil waste, 2.3% coconut waste and 24,69 % from tropical forest waste. All those agriculture and forestry waste can be processed to be chips, bio pellets as biomass fuel to substitute fossil fuel.

Ecoburn produces biomass fuel in Indonesia and exports to the world. By utilizing renewable energy sources created through the processing of agricultural and forestry waste as alternatives to chemical fuels, CO2 emissions are reduced and contributed to the protection of the global environment, protection, and the prevention of a crisis in depleted fossil fuels. We are open to cooperate to any parties to develop biomass energy supply chain and even biomass energy power plant.

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